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(see Maygie for more info/to app a character)

If you find yourself asking what exactally an Angemon is then it is a wonder you are still alive and not part of the Lycentian Guild, or a Vynceti.  Angemon existed since before the books of the prophets and their followers had been written, even thought up.   They were only given a name in the year 1542 by a monk who had wittnessed a battle between two of them.

-Lycentian Guild-
    The battle was written down in sentence fragments due to the fact he wanted to get every detail as close to perfection as possible.  It was after this battle that the monk, Lycen, met one of their kind, who was curious about why Lycen was
writing what he had seen in the middle of the night.  Lycen explained it to him, letting the other read the text carefully and remarking on how this proved faith.  The other reminded him that faith was not easily bought, and made Lycen a promise.  That if he kept this record from outsiders eyes and continued to document new findings the other brought to him then the other would explain everything.
    This took a great deal of faith that such a being could be trusted after what he had seen.  So he introduced himself as, Nyrit of the Jytari clan.  Nyrit explained that if this monk did not keep his promise when the story was finished he would be killed in a way only those who reside in Hell could comprehend.  The monk agreeded, but only if he believed the story and Nyrit laughed, explaining that it was highly unbelieveable, but people seemed to believe anything his kind said.  So Nyrit began his story from when the farthest knowledge that he had gained started.   He told Lycen of the different clans, more over thought of as
races.  He spoke of the ruthlessness of some of these creatures.  He told of the grace they all had.  Nyrit even explained the markings each of them had to explain their what race they belonged to, and how they possessed wings but
always kept them hidden, and the markings or scars on their backs that showed where the wings should be.  He told Lycen of th!
e only way one of them could actually be killed unless it was by another of their kind.  And finally he told Lycen of the process of becoming one of them.   This was the point in which Nyrit showed Lycen the Balim, and convinced him of everything he had spoken.  After the Balim Lycen could see more clearly the marking on this man that showed he was Jytari and the outline of where his wings should be were they actually out of hiding.  He could see the world through Nyrit's eyes.
    Lycen at this point decided upon creating a guild to watch these creatures and
document them as Nyrit had asked.   Lycen also decided to go to the old ways, using magics and potions to aid his followers and himself.  Lycen named the creatures Angemon, and the word spread like fire.   Every Angemonic being knew of what they were now called and accepted it, for they knew little of which they were Angel or Demon for the switch to either side was a stone's throw away from where you started from the begining.  An easy step to make, and often was. Today the guild has many followers, all very secretive and some are even Jytari.   Each guild member has an insignia in decoration such as jewlery form somewhere on their person, and a marking like the Angemon's on their body.  Since the Balim forever changes one each new member is put to a test inside of it, to prove loyalty and strength.  Once this is completeled they can better see the
beings they are to document.
    If an Angemon is believed to be merciless and corrupt sometimes the Lycentian Guild will capture them, keep them locked away, preform the ritualistic killing, or even study them in scientific ways.  So, the Lycentian have become a threat in the eyes of most Angemon save the Jytari.

    Balim is in simple terms called, "the gift of true sight." All Angemonic beings have this gift.  Though most Vynceti cannot control it, some are taught.  This gift comes with a touching of the subjects mind.  It is a dangerous gift that leads the subject to one of many places.  At times it takes the subject to the begining of the wars,  to when there were no Angemon and there were only Angels and Demons, showing them the bloody battle feild that was now hidden to the world, even the Angemon themselves could not find it if they wanted to.  But the land is said to be cursed, and they strictly believe that.  Another place is
inside the depths of the Angemonic beings mind.  This is a dangerous place to take anyone for there are images and things going on inside the mind that few Angemon can entirely control.  Though their are safe places to take the subjects in every Angemon's mind, they do not disguise their actual appearence inside the mind, so the subject may try to flee.   Another place is to take a person inside their own dreams, this can be dangerous, but each subject then knows their own safe place.   All of these can be
dangerous for they are and seem to be a separate reality, therefore one can die in such a place.  Though some subjects have a hard time accepting these things when and if they wake they remember nothing, and do not have the sight.

    Each race of Angemonic beings has a different marking some where on their body, like a tattoo, but nearly matching the skin color so they are hard to detect.  To other Angemon and those who have been given the Balim they appears as a silver and gold design, sometimes looking as real as metal.  Though when an Angemon switches sides the marking changes to fit the other's insignia the colors become distorted to warn other's that this Angemon could still be a traitor.
    Other markings the creatures have are from their wings.  While some have scars from where the wings should be, others simply have lines, or a design there.  Some even have wings tattooed on their backs.

-Basic Truths-
All Angemon have the markings including the Vynceti.

Even the Lycentian Guild has had to kill in order to keep the secret safe, they
contain the most detailed acount of the Angemon history, having a section for
each race.

They are strong beings supernatural, and humans can kill them.  Though killing
by human hands without the ritual means they will be reborn.  Rebirth or
regeneration after a killing greatly weakens an Angemon for an extended period
of time.

They have an etheral beauty to their entire being, but can also keep this

They very seldomly let their wings come out of hiding, but when jumping from a
high distance can use the power of their wings to land with ease-this does not
mean that they can jump from a plane or the top of a sky scraper and live.
Perhaps the top of an apartment building.  The only way the could survive the
others would be to let their wings come out, and that is a dangerous risk.  When
they do use the power of their wings to help with with a smooth landing, however
one can actually hear the fluttering sound of wings and occasionally feathers
can be found where an Angemon has landed.

They are amazing warriors and while they can use more modern weapons most prefer
the sword to the rifle.

No matter what race they are, Angemon can get along with one another and often
do.  Though their main duty is to kill those of the other race, some can even
befriend eachother. This is because of an important truth.

They retain almost all of their humanity.

They usually keep the name they had in life.

When the first Rebirth happens they are sent to a location far from their
previous life.

They can love, hate....anything humans can do.

They can usually sense when another Angemon is close by, though telling their
race is a bit more difficult.

    Becoming an Angemon is not exactally the most pleasant walk of life.  One must first die.  They are presented with a body much like their own from life, sometimes even their own.  They are tortured by the minions of that which we call heaven and hell, their souls burned, and they are impregnated with the truth of their kind and before.  They forget their past life, for the most part, after this; and are sent to the middle to wage the war.

    One does not die simply to become an Angemon for no human's know of the Angemon, and those that do are simply put to work above and below, as are Angemon killed in the proper ways-either by other Angemon or by the ritual if preformed by humans.  When one dies, they are chosen, spoken to and questioned, then put to the tests of the Order.  If they survive they Become.

    The first Rebirth is that in which one Becomes Angemon.  After that it occurs only when an Angemon is not killed in the proper ways and then must be reborn.  If they body they had is too badly mutilated then they must find another...some
one close to death, or already dead does fine.  Though it's a hassle if they get some one who's just been through an imbalming, while they can recreate the body from the inside out, or outside in-a simple healing, the fluids used leave them
feeling drugged, and sometimes sick for days.  Rebirth leaves Angemon greatly weakened for an extended amount of time.

    It is escentially the same thing as Rebirth, only once they die or are wounded they heal themselves from the inside out.  This also greatly weakens them.

    Because the Angemon retain their humanity they also actually retain memories.  These come as flashes to them, and sometimes things they cannot understand, other times they remember just enough to know a secret, or a loved one's name.

    The voices are usually whispers that surround the Angemon,  These whispers echo around them, and can be controlled at times.    The whispers bring news and secrets to the Angemon.  They speak in every language that has ever known man's
lips save those of children, for those are pure languages.  When speaking an Angemon's voice actually comes out in all the different languages, though the person they speak with will usually only hear one, the one they understand the
best.  If the listener is of a more supernatural nature they may hear more than just the one voice.

    The Sinari are those that come from above.  They ride upon the doves wings. Their wings are generally light colors, sometimes resembling sunsets and such, and because of such can be tinged with the stains of blood from their killings.

    The Ilyani are those that come from bellow.  They ride upon the raven's wings.  Their wings are generally darker colors, sometimes resembling flames and such.  They too can be tinged with blood stains, though it shows up as more of a lack
of color.

    The Jytari are the peacekeepers, those who have chosen to take neither side.  They can come from either place and have a variety of colors to their wings.

    The Vynceti are those who are born of an Angemonic parent and a human parent, or another Angemonic parent.  These creatures have no wings, and often have something odd about them, being what at least one of their parents are.  They cannot switch their race, but can decide to align with a certain side.  Though this gains them nothing.  While most Angemon are though to control the Balim and voices during rebirth these Angemon must be taught by a parent or another Angemon if that Angemon decides to even let them know what they are.  The voices do not come out along with their own voice, and are not always around them, but only come sometimes, usually as a warning.  They are gifted individuals, and if
actually taught to harness their gifts they can be dangerous.  But these creatures are every bit as vunerable as humans are in every way.