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Soul Singers
(see Rob for more info/character app)

    Beings of pure soul. They are able to do the normal human vices, lie, cheat, steal, but only if the situation warrants it, based on a rigid code of ethics that was adopted before Gaia named them. In one way or another, they fight to preserve Mother Gaia, and bring her free.

    Any child born with a Singer in their family heritage stands a 75% chance of being one themselves. Genetically speaking it is a trait carried on both X and/or Y chromosomes.


Birthing situations.
1)                Father=Singer & Mother=Normal ; child has 75% chance of being a Singer.
2)                Mother=Singer & Father=Normal ; child has 80% chance of being a Singer.
3)                Mother & Father=Singers ; Child will be a pure breed Singer.
4)                All Grandparents Singers, (parentsí parents) ; Child will be a pure breed Singer.

*NOTE: Unless falling under situation 3 and 4 all others are not Pure, and are suseptable to the same torments as a normal human.

5)             ALL other situations. ; Child has 75% chance.

Advantages of a non Pure Breed;
    Their instincts are usually correct.
    Emotions are trustworthy.
    Strong. I.E. Hand to hand combat with a new werewolf (White Wolf) would be almost an equal match.

    (In Terms of V:tM character sheets, ALL aspects get one extra dot, including the ones with one automatic dot. THEN you add the appropriate numbers of dots. Flaws donít apply except for those Iíll provide later. Merits are all automatically added to the character at low levels. The strength is left to the discretion of the mun WITH my consultation.)

Disadvantage of a non Pure Breed;
    Can be corrupted by the darker aspects of creation. If corrupted they become the Shadow Stalker clan.
    Can be turned into a Kindred Vampire only.

Pure Breed Information

  •     Advantages
  •       Instincts are correct.
  •       Emotions donít play a factor in their decisions. (Though they are highly emotional and passionate people)
  •       In terms of V:tM character creation sheets, ALL the dots are filled. They are the pinnacle of human evolution   at present.
  •       Resistant to darkness
  •       Cannot be turned into a vampire.
  •       Mate for life, but if their partner dies early, they will find a new one.
  • Disadvantages
  • They are too willing to give up their lives for other people. Especially the ones they love.
  • Easily overwhelmed by the surrounding nature.


    Shadow stalkers are only non pure breeds and as easily as they were turned to darkness, most are turned back to the light easier. They possess the same strengths and weaknesses as non pure breeds.