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(see Jay for more info/to app a character)

The Taltos are an ancient race of childlike giants, dating back to before the dawn of humanity itself, and an island off the coast of Britain that is long lost to nature's catastrophes. They are very tall, an average of 7 feet, and very thin but stronger than they look. Their bones are very resilient, babylike. A newborn Taltos takes three hours from birth to reach full height, and they live indefinitely. Long ago, humans very nearly stamped out the Taltos...but some still do remain.

A Taltos's height makes him stick out like a sore thumb, as well as the size of his head and hands. A drawback also of his species is that they are succeptible to being enchanted by any kind of melodious music, and get wholly caught up in it. Some Taltos have been known to sing and dance themselves right to death. They also crave milk and other white foods, as their diet in the lost island consisted mostly of white fruits and the meat of crustaceans which is white.

Major drawback to being a Taltos, specially a male, having intercourse with any human woman which doesn't carry the dormant Taltos genes, will kill her right after the mating is done due to a miscarriage. The Taltos develop very quickly in the womb and are born immediately after conception, and a human, nor the child conceived within her, can survive this. Vice versa, a female Taltos will miscarry when coupling with a human male, but will not die. Repeated miscarriages, though, will weaken her and leave her barren.