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† Suicide † :
The Story of Ella Constance Vanderhalle

PepperHill, New York - 1929
PepperHill University
Akerman Hall - Graduation Night

Ella Constance Vanderhall was the twenty-one year old daughter of a wealthy prospector of the town. Always dressed in the finest clothes of the time, she enjoyed College Life. In her Sophmore year, she would meet the man of her life, Bartholomew LeGuiste. He was a Sophmore as well, just transferred here due to his move from his old home to PepperHill.
They exchanfed pleasentries. His lengthy black hair and deep green eyes stole her heart in a instant. No more would this girl care for the material things in life, only one thing made her happy now. Seeing him. Alas, they were never to be. For a year or so, they were close friends. Ella did anything and everything she could to be with Bartholomew, whenever she could. However, her dorm was a full female dorm, and she was not allowed to even think about daring to enter Akerman Hall. Bound by the rule of her own dorm, she could not venture out as she wished.
So, she was content with being with him for most of the day. Kissing her pillow at night. Basking in his presence, contenting herself with her love for him and the hope of someday… his love for her. The week of her graduation, her father passed on, leaving her with everything. Now she was to return home after graduation to care for the Estate. She had to tell Bartholomew how she felt, now… or she would die miserable.
A friend of hers warned her that she had seen Bartholomew walking round with another girl. Being difficult, Ella refused to believe this… until she saw him with her the next day. Her heart shattered as she first saw them walking close together, her arm around his sleeve, gazing adoringly into his eyes. The words crumbled from her throat. Bartholomew looked up, a smile upon his face and in his eyes. He had never smiled like that to her.

“Ella… this is Contessa… my fiancé…”

Ella’s eyes went wide, tears welled. Her world was falling apart right before her eyes.

“Fiancé… but…”

“She has come to see me graduate. She lives in my old hometown.”

Finally falling out of her trance, Contessa glanced at Ella with a hint of a smile upon her dainty lips. Ella’s lips quivered, she could barely compose herself.

“Oh… so, this is Ella?”

Then Batholomew said the one phrase that would cut into Ella’s mind like a hot knife through butter.

“Yes, m’love… this is Ella.”

Ella’s heart caught in her throat. She felt sick to her stomach as they kissed. She left, saying nothing. For the rest of the week, she remained in her dorm. Never leaving her room, her door always locked.
Eyes red with tears, she finally left her room. A hour after the Graduation Ceremony had begun. The emotionally beaten and tired Ella left her room and dorm, heading to Bartholomew’s. Nearly the entire campus was dead, save for the fields, where the Ceremony was being held. Knowing he would be there with Contessa, that hardly anyone would be there, she knew what to do.

To end her life.

Taking a knife from the kitchen, she slicked a deep wound in a artery, gathering up enough blood to write what she needed to. She wrote quickly, before she passed out and died. When she was done, she glanced to both walls, and then the floor, laying herself under the last thing she would say… she then glanced one last time around the room, closed her eyes…

…and died.

Hours later, Bartholomew came back, Contessa on arm. The first words out of his mouth were…

“Why was Ella not at the Ceremony?”

And then he saw her.Contessa let out a bloodcurdling scream and fainted. Looking around, Bartholomew was semi-blinded by his own tears. On the left wall, written in her own blood was…

“You’re happy…”

Then on the right wall…

“I’m in misery…”

Finally, on the floor, just before her blood-splattered and lifeless body was…

“I loved you…”

She was dressed in the same dress she had worn the day they met.

This was the story of Ella Constance Vanderhalle.
The remaining stains left in Akerman Hall:

Nearly seventy years later, many have reported strange noises and sounds coming from the old room. Those who use to room there, say that they could see the form of a girl in the rug, yet no body. Others have heard cries of agony, or the whispering of a name, Bartholomew. Some have even seen the ghostly apparition of a young girl, dressed in clothes of the 1920’s floating about the main room. One has even claimed to see the walls and carpet bleed those last three lines from her blood. Paranormal experts believe that the ghost of Ella returns to tell Bartholomew she is sorry and that she wishes him happiness, or to just make sure he knows the suffering he has put her through. All of these occurances were pretty spread apart, up until now…

Bartholomew LeGuiste - the Aftermath

Bartholomew never forgot that night. Ten years later, he married Contessa and they had three children together. Lawrence, Michael, and Shawn. All three boys were healthy and the family was very happy. However, on the night of the elventh anniversary of Ella’s death… Bartholomew died from pure shock of reliving the moment, and a severe stroke.

Contessa DuHaast LeGuiste - the Aftermath

Contessa married Bartholomew and had three sons. After finding her husband dead, she simply died of a heart attack from the grief and shock. Their children, all three of them, died one year after another from natural causes, not being affected at all, at least, Paranormal experts, believe… by what happened with Ella, their mother and father.