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General Information

What exactly is role playing?
    Role-playing is like the game 'Let's Pretend' for adults and older kids. It's like an interactive story, in which you play the part of one of the characters.  Think of it as an unscripted TV show.  The people who play the characters aren't really them. Like on Buffy--Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn't really think she's a vampire slayer, it's just a part.  It's just a game where people make their own characters, and create their own stores.

What should I expect if I play in Pepperhill?
    Pepperhill is a rated M (Mature) room, and is set in modern day Pepperhill, New York.  So, obviously, there aren't going to be any plague-ridden beggars from the Middle Ages, or anything of that sort.  It's just college town in 2001, and...well, there are rules (which would be on the rules section of this page).  But as an overall rule...use common sense.  If you do, you'll be fine.  Just expect to see things that would happen in real life--but with a supernatural twist.