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Pepperhill RPG is set in modern day…
Pepperhill, New York.
90 Miles Northwest of New York City
Population: 75,706

Home of Pepperhill University, which is home to the fighting Cougars.



Pepperhill University, established in 1922, is a liberal arts college boasting 11 baccalaureate and nine masters and 110 different majors to its 11,000 students. The school has an open admissions policy, with the basic requirements being
· ACT or SAT scores if you have been out of high school for fewer than two years.
· Residents of New York-Graduation from high school with state-approved diploma or GED;
· Non-residents-graduation in upper two-thirds of high school class; or ACT composite score of 17; or higher or a combined SAT score of at least 820; or GED.

The school also has a day care center (Wee Care Daycare), and several fast food Restaurants, as well as a student run coffee shop, Daley’s, which is affectionately called by some, “The Rumor Mill.”

Five dormitories dot the campus-
· Leigh Hall - Four floors, Honors Program students, BS/MD
· Akerman Hall -Four floors, the so called “jock dorm,” which also is known to have had several notorious parties.
· Kiser House - Six floors, An all female dorm, known around campus as “The Virgin Vault”
· Davis House - Three floors, a mansion slightly off-campus, usually reserved for married couples, with an apartment type setting
· Myers Hall - Seven floors, most of the music/art/theatre majors reside here, as it is closest to the music building, Bliss Hall, as well as in the center of campus.

All dormitories have computer labs on the first floor, and there are Internet connections in every dorm room on campus. Several apartments are also near the campus grounds, for students who don’t want the restrictions of a dormitory.

Classes are grouped into main buildings-
· Bliss Hall - Theatre, Art, and Music
· Tyler Hall - Sciences Building (Chemistry, Astronomy, Biology, etc.)
· D’Apolito Hall - English
· Van Wert Hall - Physical Education
· Croskey Hall - Engineering
· Williamson Hall - Business
· Cushwa Hall - Education
· Yates Hall - Mathematics

The Admissions and Financial Aid Centers are combined in Morris Hall, which is across the street from Akerman Hall. The Main hub of Campus, Myers Center, is attached to Myers Hall via a small indoor walkway.

There are two major cafeterias on campus, one being MarketPlace, which has various different kinds of food (Pizza, Chicken, Mexican, Bagels, etc.) and Miller Dining Commons, which is located near Leigh and Akerman Halls.


There are several places in and near Pepperhill that would be found in and around a typical college campus (i.e. Super Wal-Mart, Costco, McDonalds, etc.), as well as the following establishments:

Allen Van Wert High School, Bayes High School - The two main high schools in Pepperhill, Van Wert High (home of the Lions) lies in on the West side of town, while BHS (home of the Eagles) is on the east side of town, closer to the university.  Both schools are open enrollment, and both boast different strengths--Van Wert has a strong athletic program, while Bayes is home to a much better arts and sciences program.

Pogo’s - Pogo’s, one of two of the nightclubs on campus, is probably one of the sleazier establishments around campus. There’s booze flowing almost every night, skimpy clothed girls seemingly everywhere, and plenty of loud music. A pleasant place to go…if you feel like getting sloshed.

Rasha’s - The other nightclub, Rasha’s, is slightly mellower than Pogo’s, but is, some nights, just as loud and obnoxious. It’s a bit more spaced out, and unlike the usual heavy Rap and Grunge combination played at Pogo’s, Rasha’s plays more dance and techno music.

South Bend/South Bed - South Bend is the ritzier section of town, where most of the college professors and other high profile people in down reside, and the houses there are magnificent--and usually overpriced.  Not far past  this area, though, is the infamous "South Bed," a prime make-out spot for the high school and college crowds alike.

The Pipe - Most of the skater-types in Pepperhill spend a grand deal of time around the pipe, a cement half pipe about three miles south of Bayes High.  Some people have been trying to get the pipe demolished (mainly older people, worried about their property--especially with the threat of "juvinile delinquents" posed that close to their homes), but nothing has come of the issue.

Caroline Mayes Memorial Hospital -  Located five minutes from campus, Caroline Mayes Memorial is where most BS/MD students take their internships, as well as where most serious medical cases are taken care of.  Visiting hours are Monday though Friday, 12 p.m. to 10 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday 12 p.m to 7 p.m.

Spotlight Theatre - The community theater, where several plays are put on each year, mainly upheld by drama majors at Pepperhill, as well as some high school students. In recent years, musicals seem to be the genre of choice, though an occasional play is put on.

Northern Hills Shopping Center - The closest mall to Pepperhill is in nearby New Philadelphia, which is about a fifteen-minute drive from campus. Northern Hills has about every store you could imagine, from Bytes and PCs to American Eagle to the Sweet Factory to Kay Bee Toys…and everything in between.

Pepperhill Public Library, Alexander Mill Library - The two main libraries in Pepperhill. Between the two of them (Alexander Mill being on campus, Pepperhill Public being just slightly off), you can find material on almost any and every subject…though there seems to be some sort of drawing force to the occult section…

Four Suns Dojo - Established on January 15, 2001, this karate school is located about five minutes from the University campus, and is open to all levels, from beginner to expert. Classes are held Mon-Fri from 5:30 -6:30 PM, and Saturdays at 4:00 - 5:00 and again 5:30 - 6:30. For more information, contact Maxwell Scott.

Lilyrose Curios - A small two story building close to Pepperhill University.  It deals in both art supplies, as well as art itself.  The owner, Brein Cai, who lives on the second floor of the shop, buys a lot of art from the students, or sells it for them for a small comission.  Any special supplies that she does not stock can be ordered.

Rage Scarification - Rage Scarification, a haven for those interested in Body modification. Rage is a sanitary two-floor studio in which performs Piercing, Scarification, Tattooing, and Suspension mods. Owner Cecily Lynell and employees take appointments 7 days a week.

<>If there are any places that players would like to add, email Becky or Buni.