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General Rules:
All players must abide by IMC's Terms of Service.

All players must be on the mailing list, This list is to keep up with Leaves of Absence, staff changes, and other such things that keep the room running. Questions should be directed to Becky.

Picture limits are 350 pixels squared, and under 35 K.

Please, please register your characters! You can play them without applying for 2 weeks, to get a feel for what you’re doing, but if you don’t, we’ll…do something really bad. We don’t know what, but…come on, the application (which is right here) is pretty easy…and it helps confusion down.

No God Moding, please.  Characters must have certain limitations, weaknesses, etc.

No publicly insulting other people's playing, flaming, etc.   If you get angry with a certain chatter, just hit your ignore button instead. That's what the people at IMC made it for.  If harassment or foul behavior of this chatter persists, alert a staff member.

This room is rated Mature (M), solely for the reality aspect of it. Things happen, and real life isn’t rated PG-13…but please, be somewhat discreet about some things. No outright sex in the room, stuff like that. If they won’t show you in a rated “R” movie, don’t show us in the room.

Character Limitations:
Please, even if the room is based off several different medias (White Wolf, Buffy, Anne Rice, etc.), try to keep characters original. This makes it a lot less likely for a single system to overrun things, therefore domineering the room.

Iit is requested that characters such as Garou Elders, Antedeluvian Kindred, ArchMages, Baali, True Brujah, Abominations, etc...we really don't want too much power in a single character, as it wouldn't be fair to have one character with an excessive amount of power.  High generation kindred, as well, must be approved by the staff.

Salubri, Kiasyd, Blood Brothers, Serpents of the Light and Harbringers of Skulls are extremely rare vampire bloodlines, and you probably won't find them in upstate New York--so please don't play them.

System character limits -- these rules have been imposed to keep the spread of power equal, so we don't have any one character too powerful.  If you have a valid reason for a character that does not fall under these rules, it must be approved by the staff.

Rules strictly for  V:tM Kindred

Rules for M:tA Mages -- Rules for W:tA Bete -- Other than that, most characters are accepted here, as it is a free form room.  It's basically an open forum with a modern-base setting, set in a college town, which also gives the room a bit of grounded reality.  If a player follows the rules set for this room as listed above, nine times out of ten, his or her characters will be approved.

Any questions? Ask!